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Headshots are a necessity in any part of showbiz from acting to modeling. Headshots are the first thing a casting director sees and serve as a representation of who a person can be for a job. A great headshot is the key to getting your foot in the door. BIZKIDZ has professional photographers capable of capturing who you are in the perfect headshot.


Demo reels can also be a huge part of who makes it past the first cuts in the biz. They are a compilation of your greatest work in film and TV or if your child is just getting started, a quick clip showing their acting range and true personality. BIZKIDZ also has expert videographers and editors skilled in compiling your child's show-stopping footage or filming an intro demo reel for your child.


The best part about BIZKIDZ headshots and demo reels is that they meet the quality of the best but for nowhere near the price. Reach out by following the link below to schedule a headshot session with us or talk about making a demo reel.